Coastal shipping


Beside the inland transport, BMTP port has its own barges
for transporting containers between Laem Chabang Port
and BMTP Port. This is another attractive low cost
 alternative for our customers.

“Transporting containers by barge between Bangkok and Laem Chabang
as opposed to trucking or rail, is more popular among importers and
exporters who care abut corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Barging helps not only reduce the congestion on the street,
but also reduces possible accidents, air pollution and environmental problems.”

Benifits In Transportation By Coastal Shipping.

  • Big volume transportation.

  • Economy of scale.

  • Reduce traffic congestion and pollution

  • Available to berth all LCB terminals

  • Navigating time at 6-8 hours.

  • Daily barge service

  • Routing BMTP - LCH - BMTP

Comparison Of Transportation

  Deliver by truck/time

  • 120 kilometers

  • Deliver quantity 1-2 TEUs
  Deliver by train/time

  • 120 kilometers

  • Deliver quantity 50-60 TEUs
  Deliver by coastal shipping

  • 80-90 kilometers

  • Deliver quantity 60-93 TEUs

Coastal Shipping Fleet At BMTP